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Moorland Exmoor Foal Project

Moorland Exmoor Foal Project - giving Exmoor Pony Moorland Foals a good start in their new life off the moors. The project has helped 21 foals so far. The foals are purchased from the moorland herd owners and brought to Holt Ball Farm for socialisation socialised and handling, using positive, trust-based methods of horsemanship.

The Exmoor pony moorland foals are robust, strong, well conformed and very intelligent. They have had a wonderful start living with their semi-feral family herds in beautiful Exmoor National Park. Because of strict grazing quotas and the breeding programmes, most foals, especially colts, must leave the moors each year and find good homes. Sadly, those that do not manage to find good homes are often sent for meat.

We believe that as many as possible should be given a good chance, and by helping them with their initial socialisation and handling after they've left the moors, they have a better chance of appealing to domestic home environments and fitting into the wider equestrian world.

This project is not without its costs, and we receive no funding, so if you would like to help us with the Moorland Exmoor Pony Foal Project, we will be very grateful for any donations, large or small! Donations can be made directly at www.PayPal.com using the ref: MoorlandExmoorFoalProject@hotmail.co.uk - Thank You so much for supporting the project! :)

Donations will go towards the project to help Moorland Exmoor Pony Foals.

Dawn Westcott
Founder of the Exmoor Pony Club
Holtball Exmoor Pony Stud

Please make Donations using PayPal ref: moorlandexmoorfoalproject@hotmail.co.uk

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